Cox – Digital Communications Tool

OVERVIEW: Employees waste time looking through irrelevant content, including lengthy weekly status emails, and authors spend valuable time creating reports without knowing if they are having their intended effect. Our team created the PD&M Communications prototype, which incorporates push (email) and pull (web) mechanisms. It provides “at a glance” summaries and the ability for the employees to dig deeper while simplifying and standardizing the authoring process. Additionally, the prototype would be integrated with CoxOne (internal intranet).

USER RESEARCH:  Users were probed for insights on how they currently go about creating content for their weekly updates. They then were asked to create such a report using the initial prototype dashboard.

  1. Users understood the difference between editing a project and creating a report.
  2. Users navigated to the edit project page, they struggled.
  • Expand functionality did not meet user expectations.
  • Users had different ideas about calendar functionality within At a Glance
  • Users struggled with the ‘Ready to Publish’ and ‘Not Ready to Publish’ buttons.

MY ROLE:  Provided accessibility guidance and UX/UI Design to initial prototype designed by department intern. I observed multiple usability test sessions. I produced redesigned medium fidelity mocks and UI Guideline Specifications with annotations for technology and developers.

TOOLS: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Axure, Word