Creating a Gift Reminder App

VISIT: View initial paper prototype (User’s goal: Add reminder to purchase gift and attend birthday event.)

OVERVIEW: User needs reminders to purchase gifts for numerous family members and events.

  • User wants the option to share gift list(s), notifications and events with mate or family members.
  • User wants the ability to track previous purchases for certain family members.

MY ROLE:  Sketches, competitive research, user flow, information architecture, concept development, wire frames, prototype, interaction design, UI design and presentation.

CHALLENGES: After concept mapping, I thought the navigation should include contacts, events, reminders, gift details, a share link and a purchasing option. I also wanted quick links to add contacts, events and reminders. Below are some design decisions made after multiple interviews with the user:

  1. recipients/contacts should have profiles. The app should have the ability to pull in contact information and sort from a phone’s contact list to save time. Birthday could be edited or added during initial download with user permission.
  2. events associated with gifts must be input in the contact’s page and simultaneously noted on the phone’s calendar to show up as a reminder.
  3. reminders must be a part of inputing information under events within a contact’s page and simultaneously be a part of the phone’s alerts and notifications. There would be some pre-set reminders such as; pick up gift, deliver gift, mail gift, etc… User opted out of gift details and list options as a reminder.
  4. gift list(s) and gift details were eliminated from the navigation after speaking with user. The user would not use this feature or take the time to input additional text, photos, etc… This could be a feature for a more advance mobile user /shopper.
  5. share/track link was eliminated from navigation after user noted he would only want to share and track certain reminders and events, mostly close family.

SOLUTION: The Gift Reminder mobile app will provide user with mobile notifications to purchase gifts and attend events. User will have the ability to see a dated notification list of all gift reminders and view events on his mobile calendar. User will be able to share gift notifications and events with his family by texting their mobile devices and track gift purchases of his favorite contacts.

TOOLS: POP – Prototyping on Paper, Keynote, Adobe Experience Design CC