Assurant Global Portal

OVERVIEW: The Global Device Portal is used to access Assurant’s enroll, trade-in (buyback), and upgrade programs.

At a high-level the process for enrollment, trade-in, upgrade, device collection, and processing is as follows: 

  • A customer comes into a store to purchase a device. 
  • The customer is enrolled in a program using the Global Portal. 
  • The customer can trade in their phone at any time or after a certain number of months the customer is eligible for an upgrade. 
  • When the customer upgrades or trades-in the old phone, it is collected and returned to the Assurant warehouse for disposition processing and eventual sales to aggregators or e-tailers. 

MY ROLE: Responsible for enhanced user experiences for sales agents, cashiers, and consumers, self-service insurance web portals; Creating pixel-perfect UI mocks and converting them to interactive prototypes (Sketch and Invision); Creating task and UI flows for new features; Redesigning mobile app to meet new brand guidelines..