Home Depot – Project List/Search Feature

VIEW: MOBILE prototype

(User’s goal: Use search feature to find backsplash project list. Add “Mosaic Decorative Wall Tile in Bellagio” to project list.)

OVERVIEW: Create a mobile, tablet app/web tool to engage “Do It Yourself (DIY)” customers. The tool should help them brainstorm, plan, design, track and document individual projects. The tool and user’s planning materials should be available on the platforms they’re most likely to engage.

MY ROLE:  Comparative and competitive analysis, user survey research, experience mapping, storyboarding, concept development, paper prototyping, high fidelity prototype, project tone, and presentation.

CHALLENGES: The Home Depot (HD) has massive amounts of content and products on their website and within their mobile app. While researching ideas for inspiration, users became overwhelmed and turn to other resources (Pinterest, Houzz, Ikea, and retail stores). Also, DIYers do not follow a generic user flow or journey during a project. They often visit multiple stores and websites to view products and compare prices before purchasing or starting new projects. The new tool had to allow users to start, stop, return to previous or continue planning at any point during a project’s journey on multiple devices.

SOLUTION: Our team added an additional search feature, which computes a suggested “project list” (recipe) for a searched project, in the mobile app and on the DIY web/mobile page(s). Customers will have the option to save suggested “project lists” in addition to traditional lists. Project lists will be editable and transferrable to all devices.

TOOLS: Axure, Sketch, Marvel, Keynote, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop